Hindustani Classical Vocal

● Basic concept of Hindustani sangeet    Swarpath.
● Concept of Raga, Swarmala, Bandish.
● Tana and Boltana of Bandish.
● Concept of Tala (Rhythm).
● Introduction to different Tala in    Hindustani Sangeet and their use in    Classical sangeet. .

Hindustani Classical Harmonium

● Introduction of basic swarpath.
● Exercises of swarpath in different    tala patterns.
● Devotional ,Film, Folk songs based    on Ragas.




Hindustani Semi-Classical Vocal

● Introduction to an instrument-    Harmonium
● It’s structure , mechanism and type.
● Fundamentals of keys and its    positions on the keyboard
● Basic Swarpath.
● Beginner Level Songs / Intermediate    level Songs.

Western Classical Keyboard

● Introduction to an instrument.
● Structure, mechanism of instrument.
● Basic White key note names like    C,D,E,F.
● Middle C position / Right Hand    Playing.
● Learn to read staff notation at basic    level.
● Introduction of Sharp and Flat notes.

Computer Courses/ Workshops

● Introduction to Computer Science.
● Different parts of computer and    functionalities.
● Introduction to concept of computer    programming and logic.
● Introduction to Binary code.
● Art of problem solving.
● Microsoft applications such as Word,    Paint, Excel etc.
● Activities based on topics as per    grade level.

Music Workshop: Adventures in Music

●Basic of Music
● Rhythm and Patterns
● Making Rhythm
● Introduction to Instruments
● Folks and Devotional Songs

Piano for Preschoolers

● Middle C
● Easy readable notations of songs
● Popular nursery rhymes
● Right hand fingering exercises
● Fun and learn playing piano exercises

Music and Mantra (Summer Workshop)

● Everyday Sanskrit shloka recitation
● Discussion and understanding of           each Shloka
● Singing shloka based on Hindustani      raga

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